Muay Thai Basics (Thai Boxing)

Many professional MMA fighters employ Muay Thai as the primary method of theirs of striking the opponent of theirs. Among the causes for this’s exactly how damaging the attacks are (i.e. punches and also kicks). This information is able to assist you with proper technique, in case you’re merely getting started in your Muay Thai profession, and searching a fresh approach to work out.


Traditional boxers have a tendency to stand far more to the side rather than square to the opponents of theirs. Thai boxers are going to stand squarer to the opponents of theirs, with the shoulders of theirs in exactly the same line (one not in front of the other).

In case you’re a right hander, subsequently place your left leg forward, and also in case you’re a left hander job your right leg forward.

Position the hands of yours in front of the jaw of yours, protecting primarily that part of the face of yours. Try keeping your elbows low and also near to the body of yours for shelter from both punches and also kicks.

Fundamental Punches

Punching begins with the legs of yours, mainly the back leg of yours. Do not allow your guard down.

Make sure you get the shoulder of yours in the punch.

Hooks – The energy in hooks is from the hips of yours and the technique of yours. The hips of yours will and body torque will give the strength. Strategy has to do with the hands of yours and arm positioning. In order to throw a hook, keep the elbow of yours at exactly the same level or maybe somewhat smaller compared to the hand of yours or else you are going to lose power and risk damage. Do not allow your hands loop down around the body of yours when tossing this particular punch.

Upper Cuts – It is super easy to throw in top cut strictly with the arms of yours. This’s a common error made when throwing this particular punch. The key element when throwing and top cut is bringing your entire body down squatting at the thighs and legs in almost right into a coil position.

Once again with each one of these punches keep the hands of yours never and up allow them to drop!

Knees and Kicks

To toss a right knee, in case you’re right handed, begin in your fundamental stance. Lifting up on the toes of yours will add energy. This’s accomplished since in principle you’re getting the rear side of your opponents head or maybe neck and getting that down as your knees is coming up. This’s a far more damaging blow.

The left knee hit is a “switch” knee. What this means is you’re in your fundamental stance then very quickly turn the role of the feet of yours. Explode your hips forward off the back foot of yours and bring your left knee in place until you stop on your right toes.

Don’t be discouraged. As with anything at all practice makes perfect. You’re not trying break a kick like you’d in Karate. Instead, you’re trying to kick through the opponent of yours with sheer power.

In case you’re kicking the right leg of yours, you start by stepping a little bit forward rotating your left about forty five degrees outward. In order to get real power into your kicks lead with the hips of yours. The hips of yours must be rotating your body whole body.

For the correct kick as you’re throwing it move your right hand down passed the right hip of yours and your left hand in place across the face of yours. Bringing your right hand down is going to help with the torque of yours, producing much more energy in the kick.

Go back to your fight stance when doing the kick.

This implies (just like the “switch” knee) that you’re in your basic posture and subsequently you quite easily turn the role of the feet of yours. Right foot is currently forward (forty five degrees outward) and the left foot of yours is now back.

Once again, the lower portion of the shin of yours should be connecting with the opponent of yours.


When you get the feel for the punches of yours and kicks begin making use of them in combos.

One = Left Jab
Two = Left Jab – Right Cross

When you’re comfortable throwing these combinations include a kick or maybe knee to complete. In case your final punch is with the left hand of yours, then finish with a proper kick or maybe right knee.

Learning these simple Muay Thai techniques are only the beginning. Muay Thai is among the very best exercises you are able to do and for self defense purposes as well as art that is excellent to master. I encourage you to locate a trainer and take the skills of yours to a higher level.

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